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Even though not paying NHK’s fee of 14,000 to 26,000 yen (US$125 to $230) per year is technically “illegal,” the company rarely ever brings anyone to court over it.

This creates a strange legal loophole where you “must” pay the fee, but usually nothing happens if you don’t, meaning many people would just like to get rid of the NHK guy as easily as possible. “I don’t live here.” We’ll start off with one of the most ridiculous ways to get rid of the NHK guy: simply telling him that you don’t live at the house he’s come to.

New animated superhero series “The Reflection,” executive produced by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, is set to debut July 22 on Japanese public broadcaster NHK.

The TV series consists of 12 episodes, and will air on NHK late Saturday nights.

But even if Japan is ready for 8K by 2020, it's unlikely the rest of the world will be entirely caught up.