Two of us dating rip off

Think of the number of applications they receive, they charge you, then turn you down. I have a 720 credit report and they still turn me down.Regretably I fell or their ploy and handed over my checking account information.. Lesson learned - never do business with Lending Club and Ebay because of their association. I got the offer in the mail and apr started at 6.78% of course depending on your credit score. Lending Club wanted to charge me 16.75 interest rate while my credit card only charge 7.9. I can borrow a loan for up to a year without paying a interest with only 3% transaction fee with the credit card company. I applied, was approved and for way more than I was looking for.

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There are many women who would be happy to have one romance with a man from a billionaire family – but actress Olivia Grant is dating two!

Neither man needs to fret: one is her real-life lover, the other is her love interest in her latest film.

Michael Berg, an attorney from the White Plains, N. firm of Meiselman, Denlea, Packman, Carton & Eberz, estimates that Costco’s shortened renewal backdating will save members $87 million over the next seven years. But why should Costco members risk even a two-month fleecing?

The $70 billion in revenues wholesaling giant wouldn’t answer that directly, but told me that customers renewing expired memberships can ask that the back-dating policy be waived.

Funny I received financing through my credit union in half the time it took just to respond to all their rediculous emails. You didn't get your loan because you didn't qualify. Doesn't mean that someone else won't take a chance on you. It just means you don't meet the stringent requirements of Lending Club. I just provided the information they asked for, they checked my credit, verified my account, and that was it. Doesn't mean it's a scam, just that it's not right for you.