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So much rain fell in Arcadia, Wis., that roads leading into and out of the town northeast of Winona, Minn., were closed and residents were evacuated, the National Weather Service said.

The Arcadia School District called off summer school classes Thursday, and Ashley Furniture delayed operations at its Arcadia manufacturing plant due to flooding. 61 in Winona County near County Road 7 for several hours.

I was very young (for 20 years old) and naive at the time but I thought this was great. That lasted for about a month and then he started to "open up" with me.

Told me after a while that if I ever told anybody he'd go down to the beach and shoot himself in the head.

Anyway, turns out we got off at the same stop in Astoria, and he lived around the corner from me. And then we "dated" for a few weeks - sometimes drinks, usually just fucking.