Radgrid not updating on postback

The unexpected behavior stems from an issue inside the MS AJAX framework that relates to passing information about the partial page update. Considering the fact that Rad Editor and Rad Ajax are built on top of the MS AJAX framework, the controls are also affected by this issue. Grid Need Data Source Event Args) Try Cast(sender, Rad Grid).

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The page and control view state have been restored prior to this event. No matter what I try, it's not working." I had a similar problem with dynamically binding a Tree View to an Xml Data Source which changed the xml source on every postback.

Use the Is Post Back page property to check whether this is the first time that the page is being processed.

hello friend, can u please tell me how to update the data in the radgrid control.

i have using the code below---- using System;using System.

I have a Grid View that has a Data Source ID pointing to an Object Data Source.