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Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from the Yu Yu Hakusho series. But Hiei couldn't help but steal one more glance at the gorgeous red head as he walked out of the office, trying to keep pace with the woman. He smiled, hoping to get to know that red head a little bit more, wondering whether Shuiichi was single. he was able to hide it pretty well, but to a gay guy like himself... The pinkie finger always raised, the long flowing hair, the plant biology major, all the signs were there... It just came to me when I started to write it and wow... So, please leave me your comments, reviews and your requests so that I can continue.

I do own the story line and the original characters that will be introduced in this story. He wondered how the hell she was able to walk so fast. he just had to get the man to admit it to him.))_))_The End of Chapter One.

He has from as far he can remember always had the ability to see ghosts and spirits.

The name of the series is spelled Yu Yu Hakusho in the Viz Media manga and Yu Yu Kurosaki Ichigo is not your average, everyday 15-year-old high school student.

He shook his head as he clicked the mouse pad several times, scrolling down the pages that were there. He had extremely high standards when it came to the people that he dated.