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They don’t mind picking up after their ENFP and reminding them about important commitments and dates.So long as they know ENFP appreciates them for it, they likely won’t be bitter or feel taken for granted.This is the second highest satisfaction rating in the study exceeded only by the Guardian/Guardian relationship which flaunts a 79% satisfaction rate. As fellow idealists, the INFJ and ENFP are on the same wavelength in terms of their fondness for new possibilities and their soulful quest for fulfillment and meaning in almost all aspects of their lives.

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Their wandering minds are prone to flights of fancy where they glimpse visions of the life they’d like to live or the future possibilities that lay before them.

They can both be hopeless romantics with a tendency to idealize and idolize people they become enamored with.

Although INFJs are warm and friendly with almost everyone, there is a significant portion of themselves that is withheld and they desperately hold out for the special someone(s) with whom they can share it with.

At the same time, INFJ’s intuitive insight into people makes it relatively easy for them to understand others and they tend to see the best in the people they love (faults and all).

ccording to David Keirsey, author of “Please Understand Me”, Rationals and Idealists get along well due to their shared preference for intuition.