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People with typical hearing have communication problems too. I wore bilateral HAs during my wedding and was worried I’d mess up my vows.

How I wish now I could relive that day with my bilateral CIs.

Once in a relationship, the best advice I can give is to communicate as much as possible, to work on finding the best means of communication for you and your partner.

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It was a self esteem issue I felt self conscious in my teen years and early 20′s. I wish I had a mentor growing up it would have helped so much!

It took me a while to realize that it doesn’t make a difference to anybody whether I had hearing aids or not. For me personally is dating/finding a partner difficult in one thing: because of my hearing loss I don’t really enjoy big parties or frequent going to pubs, discos etc.

If you’re okay with it, then likely he/she will be okay with it.

[...] #3 resist the urge to make communication problems about the hearing loss. #5 If you didn’t hear someone for the nth time, then just say what you heard (or make up something funny) and let the person and you BOTH laugh about it…guys just love a great sense of humour.

In my experience, I feel as though my hearing loss has done nothing but connect my partner and I even more [...] When a partner who has normal hearing is willing to work with my extra needs and starts to form their habits to help my hearing loss, it definitely feels like the hearing loss is bringing us closer.