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I'm inclined to recommend a modem/router wireless router combo and you can get very compelling combos under $100. I could pick any single directory from either hdrive or i could choose 'root'. Don't be too technical if you have any questions :-) Hooroo Any time Zaman.

Choosing root only gave me dlna streaming from 1 hard drive, even though i can see both on the network and copy to and from them. Also, when you choose to use a usb 3.0 hdrive, a warning from D-link appears stating that your 2.4G wireless may be affected if you choose USB 3.0. I am curious as to whether you can help me further with my discussion here:- /forum-replies.cfm?

Plus it's capabilities seem quite good with just about everything.

Damn this item would look fantastic sitting on the desk, simply too good to hide it away.

If you search for 'dlink and 2890' you wont find images or reviews from anywhere else in the world and it only appears on the Aussie D-Link page. Anyway I've got 2TB drive connected to it and it seems to be running constantly even with the TV's and PC's and all wifi products switched off in my house. Went into JBhifi today, and this modem was recommended for me.